Holika Dahan

Holika Dahan is a great ritual of the Hindu religion while celebrating the holi festival. It is a tradition festival which celebrates the Holika death and Prahlad safety by organizing the ceremony known as the Holika Dahan. This ceremony held according to the Muhurt by Hindu calendar which specially falls during night or late evening. It is a religious ceremony during which people roast the “Jau” in the fire of Holika and bring them to their home for the goodness of the family members. They burn 5 “Upali” in the fire as well in the myth of burning their all problems. Some people burn the waste of massage by the “Sarson Ubtan” in the fire in the myth of burning their all body problems and get blessed by the good health by the Holika Mata.

There are various mythological explanations which have been given in the historical books for the death of Holika and celebration of the Holi. Holika was burnt as Vishnu stepped in, She was booned the Brahma for never being harmed by the fire, she was just following order of her brother and knew everything, she had given her fire protective clothe to Prahlad and died herself, when it was firing Prahlad started praying Lord Vishnu then the fire protective shawl flown away to wrap the Prahlad from the Holika and so many reasons.

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