Gujarat Uttarayan / Makar Sankranti

The term Uttarayan is made from two sanskrit words ?uttara? and ?ayan? which means north and movement respectively. So, the word Uttarayan means the movement of earth towards earth on the celestial sphere. This process starts the day after winter solstice in January and is continued till the period of summer in June. As per the calculations, when Sun enters Capricorn sign from Gemini, this transit is known as Uttarayan. And after this when Sun transit from Cancer to Sagittarius, this is termed as Dakshinayan.

The beginning of Uttarayan is on 14 January. On this day, Sun enters the capricorn sign. That is why, this day is celebrated as Makar Sankranti. In Gujarat and Maharashtra, this festival is celebrated as Uttarayan. This festival is celebrated as Pongal in the southern states of India. It?s a belief that this day is very fruitful. The day of Uttarayan is said to be the day of God, so commencing for new work, yajna, vow, marriages, etc. is said to be very auspicious. In Gujarat, Kite playing festival is celebrated on this day.

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