Gopnath Temple

Gopnath Mahadev Temple is a famous temple that is located on the sea shore of the seaside at the Gulf of Khambat. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located at the place where a dedicated poet, Narsinh Mehta spent his time and gained spiritual experience nearly 500 years ago. The temple is an ideal spot for individual who seeks spiritual and natural peace and tranquility. The coastal region is loaded with many small islands that offer a serene delight for the tourist.

Nearly 700 years old, the Gopnath Mahadev Temple is an alone temple which hoists two black flags, where the first flag which is of white color banderole indicating the aristocrat Vishnu Temple while the saffron black banderole symbolizes the temple of God Mahadev. It is said that a famous poet Narsinh Mehta is considered to have accomplished his enlightenment at the same temple.

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